Rising Omega Advisors is a Systematic Macro focused investment management firm that has produced a range of systematic strategies. Rising’s programs are designed to be uncorrelated to equity markets, fully liquid, systematic, and adaptive.

Core Principal


Trade signal generation, execution, and risk allocation are systematic at RISING. The objective is to remove all possible judgmental or emotional biases from the investment process and to take advantage of flaws in human behaviour to systematically and consistently extract alpha from markets.


Seeks to have low correlation with equity markets.By designing strategies that trade a wide range of asset classes and securities, both from the long and short side, RISING has consistently achieved an uncorrelated absolute return profile. RISING’s models aim to achieve equity-like returns with low or negative correlation to traditional asset classes.


Statistical machine learning is at the core of RISING’s adaptive process.RISING applies a structured learning technique, rooted in Bayesian concepts, to dynamically shift risk across markets, trading parameters, and models. This approach allows RISING’s strategies to be dynamic and take advantage of changing market opportunities.


Emphasis on the most liquid global markets.RISING trades the most liquid futures contracts with a focus on financial markets and commodities. RISING also trades approximately 1500 of the most liquid single U.S. listed equity names. This focus allows the firm to maintain a highly liquid profile and offer high levels of liquidity to investors.

About Us

Rising Omega Advisors is an alternative investment management firm founded in 2020 exclusively committed to quantitative absolute return investment strategies. The firm has offices in Gandhinagar and Bhuj, and manages funds behalf of institutional investors. RISING has developed trading strategies in two main areas: quantitative futures and quantitative equities.

Meet Our Team

Ankur Patel

Over the last fifteen years, Ankur has earned a reputation of a successful enterpreneur and has more than 15 years of experience building and running fincial services firms.

Bhavik Joshi

Industrial Engineer by trade, he has developed Global Macro-Economics based trading Strategies. Past experience includes running high-tech engineering firm.

Vishal Sabhar

Vishal is the Protfolio Manager of R-Omega’s Alpha Overlay Strategy and he also heads of the investment committee. Prior to R-Omega, Vishal ran a proprietray trading firm.